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Three stone opal ring.
Ring with opal and onyx. A very attractive clean looking piece of opal jewelry. All hand made from the gold work to the opal cutting and polishing. Beautiful top crystal opal from Coober Pedy, opal capital of the world. Item #A10 Price $1499

Boulder opal
Here are a few Boulder opal examples of black boulder opal if you would like to see more of what i have available, send your requirements and i will look through my stock. I have pieces from $250 to $8800 ready to be set in opal jewelry designs of your choice.Item #A11

Black opal ring
Nice heavy black opal ring for a man. This ring can be scaled down for a lady as well or made into a pendant. It May be altered into any type of opal jewelry you would like. For ring with blue green crystal opal the price starts at $1100 Item #A12

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